To the consumers

PVC windows

Under the apparent simplicity of the windows complex structural elements are hidden. In these complex structures a range of technologies are combined, worked out by various branches of science. At first glance, the windows are the same as 100 years ago: the same form, same manners for division of light openings. But this first impression is deceptive, because the windows except being a part of exterior and interior, are also elements that create microclimate in the premises: provide optimum temperature, air and humidity exchange, let the required amount of light in(if necessary, the desired spectral composition), protect against noise etc.

PVC Pipes

One of the main reasons for the general popularity of plastic pipes is that they may be applied in various fields of life and activity. Everywhere where it is necessary to mount the pipe system, plastic pipe will be in place and will serve those who have used them correctly.

PE pipes

It was over 50 years ago that the whole civilized world almost completely abandoned the use of steel pipes in the construction and chose the modern, reliable and environmentally pure materials and technologies.

PP pipes

Pipes and fittings made ​​of polypropylene used in cold and hot  water supply in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, in heating,water treatment, air tube and process pipelines. 

Why choose armplast

The range of PVC profiles armplast, produced today, allows to develop and deliver window and door systems and structures of any degree of complexity and sophistication on its basis. Benefits of designed armplast PVC profiles provide the windows with such properties as the optimal thermal isolation, perfect sound insulation, resistance to atmospheric conditions, durability, no need to care for the surface, and high ergonomic properties, combined with modern design and compliance with the standards of fire safety and health standards.