PE pipes

It was over 50 years ago that the whole civilized world almost completely abandoned the use of steel pipes in the construction and chose the modern, reliable and environmentally pure materials and technologies. When using steel pipes, the problems arising during the processing of engineering systems of residential, administrative, industrial and other buildings are well known. One of the reasons is the poor quality of water which directly has a tremendous impact on public health. Another reason is that the corroded pipes overgrow with one another, they leak continuously,and serve for a very short period etc.

The utilization of steel pipes generally indicates a progressive increase in the level of accidents in housing and communal services. In these circumstances, using obsolete technologies and steel pipes in constructions and reconstructions of different buildings leads to a further deterioration of the situation. Today using steel pipes in construction processes has neither technical and economic, nor any other reasonable basis. The use of steel pipes,do not make any real savings and the labour expenses, as well as, dates of work, are significantly higher.As for the application of polyethylene pipes in mass construction unit costs, for example, a system of cold water, made from the most modern plastic pipes do not exceed the percentage of the cost of 1 sq. km. m of residential space. In hot water systems, these costs will be a little bit higher.

Currently, polyethylene pipes armplast guarantee the reliability and security of pipeline systems. With their high resistance to stress, polyethylene pipes are now quite widely used. For example, they apply to the laying of sewer pipes under the ground and in buildings, in the creation of drainage lines of the flow of rainwater diversion systems in industrial waste water in the channels of aqueducts and other structures.