PVC windows

Advantages of plastic windows

Under the apparent simplicity of the windows complex structural elements are hidden. In these complex structures a range of technologies are combined, worked out by various branches of science. At first glance, the windows are the same as 100 years ago: the same form, same manners for division of light openings. But this first impression is deceptive, because the windows except being a part of exterior and interior, are also elements that create microclimate in the premises: provide optimum temperature, air and humidity exchange, let the required amount of light in(if necessary, the desired spectral composition), protect against noise etc.

In modern windows, all the above mentioned technical parameters are significantly improved. Things that used to be impossible, for example, significantly reduce the penetration of noise in the room has now become a reality. Thanks to the fact that the constituent parts of the window have changed, new materials and new elements in the window design appeared. The technology of window manufacturing has also changed.

In order to design the window correctly, it is necessary, above all, to know what opportunities are available for modern windows. Modern windows are, above all, the windows, which are made of modern materials. To date, for the manufacturing of window units, along with familiar materials such as wood and aluminum, the new materials like PVC, fiberglass, and their various combinations are used.

Due to modern methods of processing, coloring, and new manufacturing technologies window units have become more durable and weather resistant, with improved aesthetic qualities. The profiles with new design significantly improved their sound and heat insulation characteristics. Moreover, modern methods of surface treatment transformed the appearance of products.

Modern technologies of the window manufacturing allow:

  • to recreate the window appearance of any styles
  • to provide new ways of opening the windows (for example, the swivel-folding)
  • to obtain any color for window units
  • to carry out windows of modern design
  • to use as a glass window with the specified characteristics and /or glazing
  • to improve the properties of the windows with additional accessories