To the manufacturers


armplast PVC Profiles

The armplast company is the first and, so far, the only company in Armenia, that started extrusion of PVC window profiles. The company's specialists have designed a closed system of 12 window, doorway and so-called collecting PVC profiles. Using these profiles, you can collect virtually any translucent structures.

armplast PVC Pipes

It is already ten years that the company armplast is in the production of pipes and fittings of rigid PVC. Our company offers a wide range of pipes, through which you can solve a large number of problems.

armplast PE pipes

Polyethylene pipes armplast are highly resistant to the effects of wastewater chemicals. Because of the molecular structure of used polyethylene, the pipes are flexibly deformed in case of sudden impacts on them. The pipes absorb the shock and return to their original form.

armplast PP Pipes

Pipes and fittings made ​​of polypropylene used in cold and hot  water supply in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, in heating, water treatment, air tube and process pipelines. 

Technical Documentation

In the section, the required technical documentation for manufacturers is introduced.