armplast PE pipes

Polyethylene pipes armplast are highly resistant to the effects of wastewater chemicals. Because of the molecular structure of used polyethylene, the pipes are flexibly deformed in case of sudden impacts on them. The pipes absorb the shock and return to their original form. The boundary of a continuous deformation of the polyethylene pipes may rise to 7.5%. Other pipes are broken in the above mentioned situations, but the polyethylene pipes go on performing their function perfectly and remain safe. Flexible plastic pipes protect the structure from damages during seismic ground movements and earthquakes.

Polyethylene pipes armplast have high corrosion resistance. The smooth inner surface and a low coefficiency of friction, ensure high speed of flow of water solutions. The degree of smoothness of the polyethylene pipe's inner surface is close to the surface smoothness of glass, that is why accumulation of sediments do not occur in the pipes and there is not strong wear-related friction. The products withstand operating temperature to 80 º C.

For transportation, storage or handling of pipes there is no need for special handling equipment. One or two workers can easily carry plastic pipes, to make their storage, assembly and disassembly of pipe structures. For transportation telescopic loading is used, that is to say,a pipe of smaller diameter is placed in large diameter pipes, which provides a compact, great opportunities in transport and storage, saving storage space. Possible attacks and the fall of pipes in the process of transporting or loading (unloading)do not cause them any harm. If necessary, in case of laying in the narrow channels, places where it is hard to reach the pipes can be deformed to any desired shape, using the linking, dividing the elements. For connection of polyethylene pipes linking welding and welding with mortgages of electrical warming.