armplast PVC Profiles

The armplast company is the first and, so far, the only company in Armenia, that started extrusion of PVC window profiles. The company's specialists have designed a closed system of 12 window, doorway and so-called collecting PVC profiles. Using these profiles, you can collect virtually any translucent structures.

The profiles system is based on the pattern of windows with threechamber profiles with the width of 58 mm: frame, leaf impost. All the profiles are reinforced by the walls of the outer contours with the thickness of 3 mm. For all the PVC basic and additional profiles manufactured by the company, certificates of hygiene and fire safety are obtained. Moreover, which is the most important, they have the certificate conforming that the products meet the requirements. Particular attention is paid to the quality of company products - each batch of profiles is being tested in specialized laboratories according to the requirements of ГОСТ.

Now the company has three new powerful extrusion lines set by the company «Trimec», and 13 sets of molding extrusion tools of «Campagner» mark.