PVC, PE and PP pipes and fittings armplast


PVC pipes and fittings armplast

The company armplast offers a wide range of high quality PVC pipes and fittings for various purposes. All products have passed the compulsory certification and complies with established GOST. armplast PVC tubes are ideal for creating high quality communication systems.

The use of armplast PVC pipes has a number of advantages:

  • due to low weight, the pipes are easily transported and constructed
  • exploitation date of more than 100 years
  • ecologically safe
  • are combined firmly
  • have smooth, hydraulic surface
  • are resistant to deposits and are not clogged up
  • have durable surface
  • are not sensitive to biological substances
  • elastically perceive external pressures
  • have a high ability of electric isolation
  • are heat-resistant and non-combustible, do not support combustion
  • have a high level of thermal isolation capacity

PE pipes and fittings armplast

The company armplast offers a wide range of high quality polyethylene pipes with diameter from 20 mm to 630mm. Polyethylene pipes armplast are applied when laying sewage pipes under the ground and in buildings, in the creation of drainage lines of the flow of rainwater diversion systems in industrial waste, in the channels of aqueducts and other structures, as well as in the construction of gas pipelines. PE pipes armplast are produced from low pressure polyethylene, which has high durability. Polyethylene pipesarmplast possess all the necessary certificates and meet the requirements of quality standards. For the installation of polyethylene pipes armplast the company offers fittings for polyethylene pipes, and welding machine for lease.

Advantages of Polyethylene Pipes armplast:

  • high durability and wear resistance (the warranty period for 50 years, the projected service life is 100 years); 
  • low microbial fouling, hydraulic flow capacity of polyethylene pipes are not getting worse over time;
  • low roughness of the inner surface of the pipe; 
  • not afraid of contact with the water and resistant to most aggressive environments; 
  • no subject to corrosion;
  • lightweight, polyethylene pipes are 2-4 times lighter than steel, which greatly facilitates their transportation and installation; 
  • large plasticity contributes damping hydraulic shock waves; 
  • high reliability with mechanical overload due to the properties of PE, as the viscosity and elasticity at the same time; 
  • high frost resistance;
  • good insulation properties; 
  • toxically and bacteriological safe;
  • absorb the sound;
  • aesthetic appearance; 
  • highly flexible and reliable connectivity, which makes them indispensable in the seismically active areas and in places where it is possible to move the soil;
  • butt welding of polyethylene pipes is fully automated

PP pipes

Pipes and fittings made ​​of polypropylene used in cold and hot  water supply in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, in heating,water treatment, air tube and process pipelines. 

PVC and PE Pipes Catalog
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