armplast PVC Profiles

The range of PVC profiles armplast, produced today, allows to develop and deliver window and door systems and structures of any degree of complexity and sophistication on its basis.
High quality and uniform profile systems of armplast are the new generation of PVC products, manufactured using advanced technologies, with rigorous compliance with the recipes and modes of production. The company armplast also offers laminated profile and a range of accessories for profiles.

Modern armplast plastic profiles:

  • are very durable
  • ecologically pure, do not emit environmentally harmful substances
  • thanks to special additives are non-combustible and do not support the combustion process
  • provide an improved heat and sound isolation of windows
  • the possibility of various designs of windows, due to the standard palette of colors: similar to any tree species, or monochrome.
  • possess excellent factor for air and water-resistance
  • have an excellent look

PVC profiles Catalog
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