The armplast company cooperates with a number of leading international and Russian companies.

In the result of successful and durable business correlations the company armplast has settled close partnership with all the suppliers.

Among the suppliers of raw materials there are such famous companies as:

LG Chemical Korea
It is one of the biggest companies in Korea, which is the parent company of LG concern. LG Chem is a vertically integrated chemical company, which manufactures a wide range of products, from petrochemicals to plastics. LG Chem also produces high-tech materials for electronics.
Abadan Petrochemical Company
It is the joint venture between the National Iranian Petrochemical Company (Iranian National Petrochemical, NPC) and the American company BF Goodrich Corp. Activity field is the production of PVC.
Baerlocher GmbH Germany
The company is a leading supplier of additives for the plastics, in particular, for the PVC industry. The group of companies Baerlocher has 13 production facilities worldwide. The headquarters is in Untershlayshayme (Unterschleissheim, Bavaria, Germany). Baerlocher Group's Sales Network covers over 40 countries.
omya_logo.png OMYA
It is a Swiss company, established in 1884 in the city of Oftringen, Switzerland.
Today, the company OMYA is a world leader in the field of manufacturing of fillers based on calcium carbonate, talc and dolomite.
More than 150 factories in 50 countries around the world produce a wide variety of mineral fillers.

kronos_logo.png Kronos Worldwide Inc. (daughter enterprise of NL Industries Inc..)
An international company manufacturing titanium dioxide (Ti2O). The company owns 4 factories with sulphate technology in Germany, Canada and Norway, with total capacity of 24 thousand tons a year and 3 factories with chloride technology in Germany, Canada and Belgium, with total capacity of 230 thousand tons a year.
evonik_logo.png Evonik Industries AG
A modern German industrial group with strong global potential. Evonik Group operates in over 100 countries around the world and is one of the ten largest chemical companies in the world. One of the activities of the company is manufacturing technological special chemicals and construction chemicals.
Kimflor Kimya A.S.
It is a joint venture between Turkey's Kimens Kimya Endustrisi A.S. and the Belgian company Floridienne Chimie S.A.Its activity field is the production of PVC stabilizers and polymer additives. The company is constantly evolving and due to its technologies, skilled staff and 15 years of experience, is one of the leading companies in the region.
The company RENOLIT AG (Germany) is the worldwide leader in high-quality polymer films and coatings, which includes 30 companies and representative offices in various countries around the world. RENOLIT AG produces specialized membranes of PVC-P under the brand «ALKORPLAN» ( «ALKORPLAN») for waterproofing of roofs, swimming pools and underground facilities, as well as profiled sheets «ONDEX» with two-exis orientation for roofs manufacturing, light windows and walls.